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Meet the Banzai Chicks. A group of martial arts heroines that fight lethargy and apathy and inspire girls to pursue their dreams and excel in life!

Meet the Banzai Chicks...Coco the School Girl, Aisha the Leather Girl, Mika the Punk Girl, Madison the Steampunk Girl, Penelope the Gothic Lolita Doll, Ricochet the Army Girl and Izumi the Geisha. Banzai Chicks represent 21st Century heroines for girls, strong in body, mind and spirit, capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. Banzai Chicks encourage girls to stick to their ambitions and achieve their dreams.

Each Banzai Girl is accompanied by their faithful mascots! Meet Oreo the Panda, Freckles the Australian Shepherd, Mr. Pook the Tabby Cat, Bandit the Raccoon, Bazooks the Bulldog, and Snowball the Bunny! Oh, and don't forget the Sugar Gliders, Nutmeg and Buttercup!

Banzai Chicks is a girl empowerment brand created by Sandra Chang-Adair, illustrator, graphic designer and martial artist. Banzai Chicks are fashioned to be positive role models for teenage girls. Sandra hopes you find this kawaii, manga and anime influenced cartoon style fun and engaging.

Be a Banzai Chick and be confident in yourself and your abilities! Show off your Banzai spirit by checking out our cool Banzai Chicks merchandise.